The Rise of In-Play Betting

The Rise of In-Play Betting


With the rise of the internet, came the rise of In-Play betting. Although it hasn’t quite reached its peak yet in terms of global popularity, it has quickly ascended within Europe with many professional punters in the UK now operating as full-time ‘traders’, much like stock brokers playing the stock exchange.

With major events like UEFA Euro’s 2016 this summer and the FIFA World cup 2018, the world of sports and in-play markets are buzzing.

1. How does In-Play betting work?

Traders will bet in and out of the market while a match is in running. Many will study the tendencies of particular teams to determine at what stage of the match they should bet on them and what stage of the match they should bet on their opposition.As goals or points are scored, the odds on who will win the match change. Typically betting is suspended and all bets are cleared once a score takes place. Then once play resumes, betting recommences and the traders will trade their position, looking to sure up profit no matter what the outcome.

2. Where can you bet on sports In-Play?

In-play betting is perhaps most popular on the betting exchanges such as Betfair, and more recently Smarkets. However with its increased popularity, most bookmakers now offer some form of in-play wagering and do so on a wide range of sports, with football, tennis and cricket being perhaps the three most popular sports to bet on in-play.

3. Things to consider before becoming an In-Play bettor

It should be noted, however, that in-play betting isn’t something for those just starting out in betting. It takes a great deal of experience with those particular markets in order to be successful long-term. But if you have rich insight into a particular sport it can be tremendously rewarding.A way of approaching the discipline is starting out with small stakes. Even if you have some expertise in betting it is recommended that you start out slow.Also, keep in mind that betting on real time or live events might sound like you are betting on events that are taking place right now. But some broadcasts are transmitted with a small delay. This means that someone physically present at an event can have a huge advantage because they actually see things before you do. E.g. a person standing at the horse track sees that the favourite has suddenly fallen way behind will in some cases have four seconds to sell bets in the time gap before the TV signal reaches your telly. Therefore, you may want to start out betting on events that are not subject to make or break incidents.Lastly, a common mistake made by In play betting rookies is forgetting to withdraw bet offers. If no one matches your bet, make an immediate retreat. Leaving an unmatched bet on the market will mean easy money for someone else since the market sometimes moves very quickly, leaving your bet up for grabs.In-Play betting is a new and exciting way of betting. If you’re a sharp experienced bettor, it’s a great way of make consistent and frequent profits.

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