People Are Earning Hundreds of Pounds A Month Risk-Free – Could You...

People Are Earning Hundreds of Pounds A Month Risk-Free – Could You Be One Of Them?


Ever get that feeling you’re missing out on something? That’s exactly the feeling I had when my best friend Louise turned up to our latest coffee meet-up wearing the first new outfit I’d seen her wear in months.

Apart from saying how good she looked, I didn’t press her on it. But when she started talking about how her husband had just bought a new set of golf clubs, to get ready for the holiday to Spain that they’d just booked – I had to ask.

“Where are you getting the money for all this?!”

I didn’t want to be rude, but my friend has never been the most well-off person around.

A huge smile spread across Louise’s face and she gushed “I HAVE to show you this, it’s been an absolute life changer!”

And that was the first time I heard about Profit Squirrel.

What is this Profit Squirrel thing?

After doing some digging, I found my friend wasn’t the only one who was suddenly able to afford some luxurious extras in life.

Profit Squirrel is a new London based company that claims they have a unique step-by-step method that anyone can follow to make between £500 – 1,000, every single month.

They have over 6,000 likes on Facebook and they have incredible reviews. Their instagram feed features many images showcasing some of the great things member’s have bought.

Some of the exciting experiences Profit Squirrel member’s are spending their money on. Source:

According to their website you can join for free and learn what is being called the ‘Profit Squirrel Method’. The free account will unlock up to £40 in profits.

I had to give this a go…

My Experience with Profit Squirrel.

Quick Summary (If reading isn’t your thing):

  • Go for it!! It’s free to join and the method really works.
  • The support and community is amazing.
  • I made £28 and it was incredibly fast and easy to learn.
  • This stuff really works!
  • It’s fun!
Full Review:
Day 1.


Extra money always comes in handy and I was very much up for paying off my rent each month and having money left over to buy some nice things!

With that in mind I joined Profit Squirrel for free and was excited to get started. Apparently you’ll make around £30 from the Free account, and then you have the option to upgrade to a paid account of £24.99, to get you up to earning the £500 – 1,000 a month level. Sounds like a good deal.

My first thought was, the site looks really great and has a nice premium feel to it. It was really nice to use and came across as extremely professional.

I had a scan and joined the Facebook member’s only group, which on first impression seemed really buzzing and a great supportive group. Wow I thought – lots of people are actually doing this and it’s working for them!

Within minutes I’d watched a brief introduction from Chris and had jumped into the first tutorial. Here Chris shows you what the Profit Squirrel method is and the exact steps you need to take to get started making money. It all seemed pretty simple.

One thing that really liked was how much support was available. I think I understood things pretty well from the videos but I did have a couple of questions. I personally find it reassuring when trying something new, to have a team behind me. It’s also nice to see that Profit Squirrel are a real UK company and they’re not going to disappear overnight.

Without going into it, the Profit Squirrel method works by placing bets with UK bookmakers – but these aren’t normal bets. They’re done in a way that makes them risk free so you’re guaranteed to win each time. Profit Squirrel calls each of these bets offers.

I thought it sounded too good to be true, but it really does work! Apparently the original ‘behind the scenes’ maths was thought up by an Oxford University maths graduate!! Thankfully, much like an iPhone, Profit Squirrel have made something that’s technical, really easy and fun to use.


In total, I made an easy £28 in just two Profit Squirrel tutorials.

What do I think of Profit Squirrel? Once you’ve learned a few basic terms and followed through the step-by-step tutorials, it really is very simple.

I’d really recommend this to anyone looking to make some extra money from home or is even looking for a part time job. Go ahead and join, you won’t regret it!