Hyperoptic Broadband Review

Hyperoptic Broadband Review


Hyperoptic broadband – A detailed Review.

Key Points:

  • 21x faster than the UK’s average broadband speed.
  • Perfect for gaming or live streaming
  • Available for UK residents and businesses
  • Unlimited downloads & uploads on all packages

Hyperoptic broadband is fast becoming the best-valued internet service provider in the UK. But what’s all the fuss about?

Customers are highly satisfied by finally having the ability to source 1gigabyte internet speed with complete end-to-end fibre, meaning you get the highest quality internet which is also currently the best priced compared to rivals BT and Virgin broadband.

How is Hyperoptic managing to gain so much success in the UK?

The company rolled out their service in 2011 led by COO Tom Williams and CEO Dana Tobak aim to cover the entire nation with the best-valued internet service.

>>>Meet The Hyperoptic Team<<<

There are both residential and business-grade packages which are available in similar speeds but differ in other features.

With residential plans, you get more freedom to customize. The contract terms are flexible as you can choose 12-month contract or no contract, whichever is suitable for you.

Hyperoptic also delivers lightning fast technical and customer support, here’s a review sourced from Trust Pilot, below.

The Breakdown – Which product is best suited to your needs?

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The only current drawback with Hyperoptic is that they don’t cover the entire UK region yet, to find out if your area qualifies for 1Gb internet with Hyperoptic simply enter your postcode to find out.

Below is an example of the internet speed you could achieve at home with Hyperoptic

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Do you have the need for speed, or are you happy with your existing infrastructure? Let us know!

Any questions, please leave a comment below I’m happy to answer or point you in the right direction.


  1. Finally! 1Gb is what I need, especially for gaming and uploading my content on dropbox. Unfortunately Hyperopic isn’t available in my region.

    • Hi Oscar, thanks for your comment! Hyperoptic is working on covering the entire UK but it might take some time. Until then I suggest signing up to their website so that when the coverage is available you’ll be the first to know!