How Bingo Can Improve Your Health

How Bingo Can Improve Your Health


The typical bingo player likely enjoys the game because it is easy to play and doesn’t demand the same level of stressful focus and attention that other forms of gaming.

What many enthusiasts don’t know though is that bingo has long been considered one of the best forms of gaming available for adults in regards to added physical and mental benefits. From making improvements to the mathematical portions of the brain to general stress relief, there are many ways that even casual players can reap multiple health rewards.


Your memory centers are one of the first parts of the brain that get stimulated when you play bingo. Players have to recall numbers as they are being called and mark their cards accordingly. It might not seem like a fruitful exercise, but think back to the first time you played bingo and how frantic you were while trying to keep up with the bingo ball caller when playing a single card, versus how easily you’re able to now move around multiple cards and follow any caller’s pace.


Anytime your mind has to recall and retain information, your memory is being activated, and just like working out any muscle group, the more you stimulate it, the more responsive it becomes. If you want to actively try to improve your memory more on your own using bingo, you can do so by giving yourself more cards per round to have to follow. This will ensure that you have very little time to slow down in-between calls, which requires that you push yourself to locate number positions on different cards and mark them as quickly as possible.



Anytime you have to pay attention to what’s going on around you, your concentration is being used. Bingo sits at the lower end of the gaming spectrum when it comes to how much concentration is required to correctly play, which is actually a good thing when it comes to the impact it has on your overall health. Poker players would be the top of the spectrum, having a lot to worry about with each hand they’re involved in, from bet sizes to hand strength and even having to keep track of any physical tells the other players may be giving off. Slot machine players would be right at the bottom, as all they need to do is pull the handle and the machine literally does everything else, as there’s nothing to keep track of.

Stress Relief

Possibly the best positive health factor to derive from bingo is its ability to act as a stress reliever to players. Due to its natural easy-to-follow nature, bingo games are a great way to unwind after a long day at work or as a mental break from any of the stressful things that may occur during your day. This holds true regardless of your preferred way of playing bingo, whether it be in a brick and mortar location, online, or through a mobile app.

Even if you aren’t feeling particularly stressed, a few rounds of bingo serves as a great distraction from anything you may need a break from, such as a long study session or a work project. It allows you to clear your mind, adjust your focus on to the game itself, and then later return to your other tasks with a refreshed mindset. This can be a much more effective way to get a mental break from something rather than simply taking a walk around the block or having a snack. Those are physical solutions, but what your body actually needs in those situations is mental relief, something that a simple game of bingo can provide in a snap.


The Reward System

Your body reacts in a positive manner when you are rewarded, regardless of what that reward is. For live bingo players, there’s not much that can replace the thrill of getting a winning card. And if you ask most bingo veterans, what excited them more about winning was knowing that they won, not the monetary payout. This is the brain’s reward system in action. The rush of adrenaline and endorphins released in your body when you hit a bingo can have a great impact on your mental happiness.

Additionally, you don’t even have to be playing for money to receive this reward system benefit. Participating in free games online or on a mobile device (where the pace of bingo is normally considerably faster than in a live setting), can provide a sense of satisfaction when you win. For younger players, it’s like when you beat a hard level on a video game. The moment is fleeting and there is no true physical reward, but mentally you feel accomplished and your mindset becomes more positive in nature.

Bingo Lover

Bingo and Alzheimer’s

For those afflicted by Alzheimer’s, bingo has shown to be an effective tool to help patients slow the degenerative process that the disease causes. Studies have proven that different types of bingo used at different stages of treatment for Alzheimer’s showed a significant improvement in the retention abilities of elderly patients.


Ultimately, isn’t one of the main reasons anyone gets into bingo in the first place is because it’s a great source of relaxation? What makes bingo perfect as a way of getting away from it all is that it is truly accessible and easy to understand to players of all ages. The median age of bingo players in a live setting has and probably always will be skewed towards an older generation of players looking for a social, fun and interaction gaming option. But with the invention and popularity of online bingo, the digital playing age has dipped significantly.

Online poker used to be the absolute dominating gaming choice for young to middle aged players both for competitive and relaxation purposes, but that fever has diminished over time, with bingo gaining ground and increased player bases spawning from these demographics. It has become a more widely respected outlet in the eyes of the gaming community and will likely continue to grow further for the foreseeable future. This can be directly attributed to how easy bingo is to pick up and play and the enjoyment it provides.

Your Bingo Health

How bingo affects you and your health is completely in your hands. You can tailor the way you play and how often you play to suit your own individual needs. If you want to improve your memory and concentration, bingo can help with that. If you just need the occasional break from the world and want a game where you play for as much or as little as you want, bingo can be that resource. Most importantly, have fun when you play, knowing that you are making an active improvement in your mental and physical health as a result.