FACT: When it comes to saving, one thing’s clear – a third of Brits are living dangerously close to the edge. Money Gurus recommend keeping three months’ essential outgoings in our savings to cover an emergency or unexpected bill.

But 1 in 3 people in the UK have less than £1,500 in the bank, and 15% of people have no savings at all. Over half of Brits are living recklessly by not adding to their savings each month.

But it’s not all bad news…

A student from the University of Birmingham has gone from broke to making enough money to buy his own premium Audi sport, by working part time online with a UK company.

Raj Dhillon, 25, has now been making over £2,500 a month using a system called Matched Betting, a method of generating a second income that is starting to explode in popularity across the UK.

Raj saved his profits and recently purchased a brand new Audi A4 Sport. A huge fan of matched betting, or ‘Matching’ as it’s often known, Raj claims that the system eliminates the risk of your bets losing money.

“I’m Cautious of Being Scammed”

It’s a far cry from when he was a broke student surviving on instant noodles.

Raj started University with very minimal funds and, like many students, had spent his student loan all too quickly. Once the loan ran out, he was forced to confront the reality of facing weeks and weeks of existence on little to no money.

“I’m not the best with money” he confessed, “I often spend more then I have”. It got to the point that I was fed up of not having anything and struggling.

I started looking around for some ways to make some more money.

“Then I realised loads of guys at my Uni were making Money – It Was For Real”

“I heard of some guys in my year making money online, and to be honest I thought it was just a
scam. These things always sounds too good to be true, and try to make you sell something to your friends or family and I just wasn’t up for doing something like that.”

However when Raj dug further, he realised that his fellow students had not been having to sell anything, but rather had been making money with a betting technique called ‘Matched Betting’.

“They were making a lot! I’d actually heard of Matched Betting before, but when I tried digging around in some forums, no one could really explain it to me well. I didn’t understand what to do to get started so I just wrote it off. I even spent hours reading about it on Save the Student but just couldn’t figure it out.

“I’m a History student for a reason! I’m not the best with numbers”

Raj in his car“But the guys at my uni were no cleverer then I was, and they claimed they were making hundreds of pounds a month with the method, so I thought I had to give it another go. They introduced me to Profit Squirrel, a UK company that is making it super easy to learn Matched Betting. When I went though their tutorials, it just clicked.”

“I’ve seen quite a few people try to teach this stuff but they just make it super complicated. This was actually really easy to learn. I’d always wanted a nice car and once I’d got out of my overdraft, I decided that buying an Audi would be my next goal.

“It was really easy to follow the tutorials”

“It took me a few months, but to be honest I’m amazed I did it so quickly.  I’ve been Matched Betting for about six months now and I have the car, no student debt and 4 figures in my bank – no overdraft! Things are looking good for the future”

Raj learnt how to make his ‘Matches’ with a UK company called Profit Squirrel. Based in London, they are fast building a reputation as the premium community and suppliers of education on Matched Betting. Matched Betting itself is well established and proven to be incredibly profitable, however for many years it has been kept strictly to small ‘in-the-know’ groups. Only now do the general public seem to be learning of its existence.

“Now I have the car, no student debt and 4 figures in my bank – no overdraft!”

Over the last couple of years, more and more news outlets have written articles about Matched Betting, and they all seem to agree on how fantastic it is. However when you read these articles, they make it all seem a bit complicated.

Profit Squirrel claim that they have made it incredibly simple for anyone to learn how to make profitable ‘Matches’. What’s more, they claim that not only can you make money, you can do it consistently, week in week out. We’ve even heard stories of people making ‘Matches’ as a full-time job.

“Matched Betting works perfectly, but it’s been kept underground until now”

Chris Haill founder of Profit Squirrel
Chris Haill, the founder of Profit Squirrel

With all this buzz and the bold claims flying around, we were intrigued. Could this be for real? As a starting point, we secured an interview with Chris, the founder of Profit Squirrel, to see what is so special about them: 

Q. Why was Profit Squirrel set-up?

 A. Matched Betting, or as we call it ‘Matching’, had been around for a while. But as I say on the site, previously there was no-one making it super easy to learn. At Profit Squirrel we didn’t think that was good enough and wanted everyone to have a chance to make money from Matching. So we created our unique tutorial ‘Academy’ to allow everyone to do just that.

Q. Why does Matched Betting (a.k.a. Matching) work?

A. Well before I answer that, I should point out that Profit Squirrel has created a series of incredibly easy to use tools that make the whole process a breeze. The short answer though is because we use some pretty nifty maths behind the scenes, we’re able to eliminate the risk of not making a profit when we place small bets on sporting events. We can do this over and over again and in the long run these profits really add up. Our tools ensure that you’re the one who wins, and not the bookmaker.

Q. Can you explain more?

A. What we do is simplify everything, to give you a thorough understanding of what Matched Betting is and what it does. Our tutorials go from the most basic level (designed for someone who has little or no knowledge about sports, let alone matched betting) to an advanced level for those that are pros. You’ll be profiting from the very first ‘Match’ you make and will quickly get up to speed.

Q. So, this is a long term thing?

A. Oh yes. You can join our other members who are making hundreds to thousands of pounds every single month. Bookmakers hand out these bonuses on a daily basis and we keep you up to date, selecting the best offers that you can use to lock in the most profit. This ensures that you’ll profit every single month and always have a way to earn extra funds.

Q. So what does the future look like?

A. At Profit Squirrel we’re on a mission to raise the average income of the UK by helping everybody who wants to make a second income, do so with ease.

After interviewing both Raj and Chris, we at the My Buzz office were intrigued! So we decided to give Profit Squirrel a thorough test for ourselves.

Our Test of Profit Squirrel:

Day 1.


As I’m saving for my wedding next year, I was chosen as the guinea pig for the experiment. The extra money would be perfect for me.

Profit Squirrel offer a free account where you can access a limited selection of their features yet still make some decent money. I thought this would be a good place to start and signed up.

My first though was, the site looks really great. Profit Squirrel have a premium reputation, and the website really lives up to that. It was really nice to use and came across as extremely professional.

Within minutes I’d watched a couple of brief introductory videos from Chris and had jumped into the first tutorial. Here Chris shows you what Matched Betting with an example you can copy and shows you the exact steps you need to follow to start making money. It all looked pretty simple.

One thing that really stood out to me was how much support was available, should I need it. Profit Squirrel have an amazing London based team that is always ready to assist you or answer questions. I personally find it reassuring when trying something new, to have a team behind me. It’s also nice to see that they have a real established UK presence and they’re not going to disappear overnight.

I don’t really know much about sport. A knee injury put a stop to my football days and I haven’t really kept up since. Fortunately this didn’t seem to be an issue and after watching the detailed instructional videos I felt confident to get going.

To make my first profits, I needed to setup a bookmaker account and chose William Hill as recommended. I already had an exchange account with Betfair as I’d bet on the Grand National last year.

Following the instructions, I used the simple matching tools from Profit Squirrel and found the perfect event to get me going. I’d always been a little dubious of betting and gambling sites in the past but as Profit Squirrel is risk free I felt comfortable knowing all the outcomes of the bet before I placed it or took any action.


The bet I’d selected in the morning was a Premier League game, being played this afternoon. I’d bet on Man United to win. After the game was over, my bet had ‘settled’, a Matched Betting term for the game being over. The result it turns out that Man United had lost, so rather then winning at the bookmaker, I won at the betting exchange: Betfair.

But, no problem! The two bets had ‘covered’ each other exactly.

The ‘settling’ of the bets meant I’d qualified for my bookmaker bonus and immediately had a £30 free bet credited to my account. So far so good!

In order to withdraw the money, I would have to repeat the above process. Luckily there was another game later that evening. I repeated the process, following the detailed video instructions.

Day 2.


I went to sleep early last night, a nice thing you can do with Profit Squirrel, as my profit was locked-in no matter what the outcome. I didn’t even need to watch the event I’d made my Match on. My bet had ‘settled’ (completed) and overall had left me with a profit of £20 – a great result!

I’d made £20 from my first bet and in total, I’d guess it took me about 35 minutes of work, including watching the videos. That works out at around £40/hr! I wish I’d known about this when I was a student!


I got stuck into the second tutorial. I was still a little slow at the whole process, but it was very easy to follow the guide. It looks like there are instructional videos for every offer in the introductory course.

The process was exactly the same as before, but I had to choose another event. Luckily that’s the genius of Matched Betting, because it works by making Matches on the sports markets, it allows you to do it all year around. Out of football season? Not a problem, there is always horse racing or tennis, or even cricket. Not to mention international football. I was really starting to enjoy this!

After qualifying for my bonus (£20), I repeated the steps to allow me to withdraw it. It seems you almost always lose a tiny bit of your free bonus money in order to be able to withdraw it. But as Profit Squirrel is so good at finding matches, it really minimises that amount, so for every £20 if FREE bonus credits, I can make around £15 in real money.

That’s exactly what I did this time, withdrawing £15.


In total, I’d made £35 in just two matches! There are tonnes of other tutorials that you can make money from. You get access to all of these for £24.99 a month, which seems like a great deal to me, especially if it lets me make hundreds of pounds a month as advertised.

What do I think of Profit Squirrel? Once you’ve learnt a few basic industry terms and followed through the detailed tutorials, it really is very simple. I made £35 in my first couple of days and can really see how people go on to make huge amounts from this.

As the bonuses are renewed daily then there is always something to profit from, even if you already have a bookmaker’s account setup. You don’t have to be a new customer with them.

I’d really recommend this to anyone looking to make some extra money from home. Or even someone who wants to buy an Audi!

Let’s do this!


  1. I wasn’t sure until I spotted a friend liking the facebook page so I thought it’s worth checking out for free…site looks seriously good! A lot of effort must’ve gone into creating this. Let’s see how this goes, only time will tell. Made £17.40 from one tutorial, not bad so far!

  2. Not sure how this guy made £2.5k every month!!? I’ve been a member for 3 weeks and made around £950. Need to build up some experience before I can hit those targets! Well done to this lad, sounds like he’s put in the effort.

    • You can make that when you get used to making matches – just takes a little while to get slick at it. I’m still pretty new but my boyfriend makes 4 figures every month and he’s been matched betting for a few months